Healthy just got delicious!!


Frantz Faves Foods is all about the experience of enjoying food!  This is our story:


Food is an integral part of my family memories. Every gathering and holiday was either centered around the food, or eating was a part of the festivities, whether we were at home or travelling.  My parents gave me an awesome advantage growing up: a wide variety of good homemade food with quality ingredients and gourmet flavours! I always tried to give my 7 children the same experience. The result? My children, all adults now, appreciate every kind of food imaginable! In fact, 2 are chefs!


I wanted to give my children the flavours and tastes they grew up with, so I created spice blends that capture the experience of the food I cooked for them, like our Mexican tacos and enchiladas, Italian pasta sauces, Greek chicken, Southern barbecue, etc. (I also wrote a cookbook for them, and have put some of their favourite recipes on this website for you to enjoy!)


When I set out to recreate these familiar flavours, I decided to use only whole spices and to put them in grinders, or mills, so that the spices will stay fresh, releasing the wonderful aromas and flavours ONLY when ground on the food.


An interesting result was that my blends are 100% pure, natural spices. I had no need to add flour, sugar, MSG, or any other binder or additive. So, all you taste is the amazing combinations of spices and sea salt, and that is why we call them Naturally Pure.


The same is true of my barbecue sauces. I always mixed up a fresh bottle of sauce whenever I barbecued, but wanted to be able to send some home with the grown kids after the weekend, so I experimented and came up with recipes and a process to “can” my two favourite varieties – one for chicken and pork, and one for beef. Now, all that I use are the exact ones for sale on this site! You’ll recognize them as Kick ‘n’ Chick ‘n’ Rib & Bull-Headed Beef.


I hope everyone can experience the delicious experience of cooking and eating with Frantz Faves Foods! Have a “taste” of what it means to be a Frantz!


Thank you!


Tim Frantz, the creator of the spice blends and barbecue sauces, and the author of the recipes you’ll find on this Website.